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 Warfarin therapy

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A 40 year old woman with a pulmonary embolism starts on low molecular weight heparin. Before starting treatment her blood test results are as follows.
Haemoglobin: 12 g/dl
White cell count: 7 x 109/l
Platelets: 300 x 109/l
INR: 1.1
Five days later she is still on heparin and has started warfarin. Her blood test results are as follows.
Haemoglobin: 12.5 g/dl
White cell count: 7.3 x 109/l
Platelets: 100 x 109/l
INR: 1.6
What should you do?
a)- Stop the heparin and continue the warfarin alone
b)- Continue the low molecular weight heparin
c)- Start unfractionated heparin
d)-Consider lepirudin and warfarin
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Warfarin therapy
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