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PostSubject: Question-121   Question-121 EmptySat Apr 05, 2014 8:03 pm

Young traveler come back with jaundice,,lab result: Hepatitis A IgM(+), Hepatitis B all lab result (-), what is your initial advice?

a) anti-viral treatment
b) immunoglobin injection for all his relatives
c) Liver function monitor for 6 months
d) His risk of developing cirrossis is highly increased
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PostSubject: Re: Question-121   Question-121 EmptyTue Jun 17, 2014 4:25 am

Improved sanitation and the hepatitis A vaccine are the most effective ways to combat the disease.
Improved sanitation, food safety and immunization are the most effective ways to combat hepatitis A.

The spread of hepatitis A can be reduced by:

adequate supplies of safe drinking water
proper disposal of sewage within communities
personal hygiene practices such as regular hand-washing with safe water.
Several hepatitis A vaccines are available internationally. All are similar in terms of how well they protect people from the virus and their side-effects. No vaccine is licensed for children younger than one year of age.

Nearly 100% of people develop protective levels of antibodies to the virus within one month after a single dose of the vaccine. Even after exposure to the virus, a single dose of the vaccine within two weeks of contact with the virus has protective effects. Still, manufacturers recommend two vaccine doses to ensure a longer-term protection of about five to eight years after vaccination.

Millions of people have been immunized worldwide with no serious adverse events. The vaccine can be given as part of regular childhood immunizations programmes and also with other vaccines for travellers.
The best prevention strategy is vaccination and sanitation. If the answer b was vacc we could consider it.
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